Case IH 9100 Series Tractors Service Manual




The service manual for the Case IH 9100 Series Tractors is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the tractor’s operation, maintenance, and repair. It is designed to be user-friendly, with clear instructions and detailed illustrations to assist both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts in performing various tasks on the tractors.

Table of Contents
Safety Suggestions
Metric Conversion
Torque Values
Specifications and Capacities
9110, 9130, Puma and Wildcat.
9150, Bearcat and Cougar
9170, 9180, PIN 17900699 and After
Panther and Lion PIN 17900255 and After
Panther and Lion Prior to PIN 17900255
Specifications, Engine 6-830
Engines 9110, 9130, Puma and Wildcat Only
Cylinder Head and Valve Train
Cylinder Block – Camshaft, Pistons, Rods, Sleeves,
Bearings, Camshaft, Seals and Flywheel
Lubrication System – Oil Pan, Oil Pump, Oil Cooler
and Oil Filter Housing
Cooling System – Thermostat, Water Pump, Fan Pulley
and Belt Tensioner
Turbocharger Failure Analysis
Fuel System 9110, 9130, Puma and Wildcat Only
Fuel System and Filters
Injection Pump – Pump Drive Gear, Timing Pin,
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid and Primer Pump
Fuel Injectors
Wiring Schematics
9110 and 9130 PIN 17900564 and Below
9150 PIN 17900705 and Below
Puma PIN 17900250 and Below
Bearcat/Cougar PIN 17900270 and Below
9110 and 9130 PIN 17900564 and After
9150 PIN 17900705 and After
9170 and 9180 PIN 17900669 and After
Puma PIN 17900250 and After
Wildcat PIN 1790001 and After
Bearcat/Cougar PIN 17900270 and After
Panther/Lion PIN 17900255 and After
9170/9180 SN 17900150
Panther/Lion SN 6501 and After
Solid State Electronic Dash and ROPS Instrument Panel.
Niehoff Model N1
Motorola LHB Series
Steering Column
Steering Control Unit
Front Axle Steering
Power Train
Controlled Traction Electric Shift Unit
K598-60/70 and K598-64/7 4 Axle
K598-60/70 Axle (“NOK” Seal)
AP3445 Axle
K592-20/30 Axle
EW-16 Powershift Transmission, Removal and Installation
EW-16 PowerShift Transmission, Repair
Powershift Transmission Charge Pump
PTO Drive Unit
Caliper Disc Brake System
Hydraulic Specifications and Schematics
Three Point Hitch Alignment and Valve Service
Cab Removal and Installation
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning 9110, 9130, 9150,
Puma, Wildcat, Bearcat and Cougar
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning 9170, 9180, Panther and Lion
Air Ride Seat

Pages: 1339
Format: PDF file
File size: 359 mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Download only

The service manual for the Case IH 9100 Series Tractors is available for download, providing instant access to the information needed for maintenance and repair. This digital format allows users to easily navigate through the manual, search for specific information, and print pages as needed.


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